Gregg Green Live in Tokyo

Being around music all of his life, Gregg Green's first musical memory is of him falling asleep underneath the stage where his father, renowned jazz trumpet player Charli Green, was performing on. As a little kid, Gregg was already humming along with the tunes, and adding to the melodies and harmonies. Nowadays Gregg has made his way around the world and onto the stage, creating his own music magic.
It is no mystery to see where the music in this talented musician comes from. Gregg credits God first for his gifts and drive, and his grandmother, Mrs. Josephine Smith, herself a very blessed writer. His father, but also his uncle, Julius E. Green, Stax recording artist of the Mad Lads.

Gregg says he never had any conscious aspirations of becoming a musician. He sees his present path as a divine decision, saying that all he ever did was follow his heart.
A heart that has led him to live and perform all over the world, gracing stages, rooftops and parties with his guitar and his songs, his acting and his poetry. Gregg's music already blessed places like Paris, Honolulu, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Innsbruck, South Carolina, Boston and Toronto. Along the way he had the pleasure to meet and perform with many incredible artists. Causing his music to grow into a pollination of sound rooted in the soul of his music. One can hear influences of different styles of music such as blues, jazz, hip hop, funk, soul, reggae and latin. Or 'Streetblues' as Gregg likes to call it. His audience has compared him to musicians like Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and Nas, and in the same breath to Common and Michael Franti.

After working as a sideman for various musicians like Kenichiro Nishihara, Yvad, Sotu the Traveller, and Audiopharmacy, as well as featuring on several of their projects, 2011 will be the year Gregg Green releases his highly anticipated first solo project, aptly titled World Citizen.

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